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The Qingdao Beer Festival

Qingdao Beer Festival 2019

China loves beer, and with the largest population in the world, it isn’t surprising that they consume more of it than anyone else - more than twice as much as the US in fact. In Qingdao, home to China’s second largest, but perhaps most known beer @tsingtao, over a million people will flock to the city to partake in the annual beer festival, with over 1,300 types of beer, food and performances. 

Last year, during the 17 day festival, the 1 million attendees drank 680 tons of beer.

Beer consumption in China is quickly becoming more premium, whether it’s local craft beers, or imported beers, there is a real thirst for the beverage. Even the beloved American classic Budweiser is, as announced last week, is now consumed more in China than in it’s homeland. 

With all that being said, can you guess what the most consumed beer in the world is? - because it is not what you think.

Graeme Kennedy