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Nike Globalism

So often when I travel to places like this, I long for that classic shot, one that’s filled with authenticity, culture, uniqueness. As a photographer, it used to bother me when a Nike swish or a pair of knock-off Adidas trousers wandered into the background of my photos. When I had my first experiences photographing hill tribes along the Thai-Myanmar border ten years ago, I remember shooting around all the Real Madrid and Manchester United jerseys that had made their way back to the tribes from some relative who had brought them back from their city life three days down the road.

Today, being back on the other side of that border, my mind has changed a bit. No matter where I’ve been, whether it’s Africa, Asia, Latin America, you name it, brands (or their replica ‘tributes’), have made their way into the wardrobes of all ages. Cloths are cloths. If they fit, they fit. This is one of the many subtle ways our incredible global economy has shown its face in these tucked away corners of our world. These moments are the authentic, sincere representation of life here, in this case, for the Danu Tribe.

Unfortunately, for this Danu village in central Myanmar, a global economy hasn’t been all good news and Nike Swishes for them… (Stay tuned…)