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Wealthy villages

Trekking through Central Myanmar, you tend to pass through different tribal areas, different dialects, cultures, lifestyles, wardrobe choices, like most of Asia, political borders don't always do a great job of representing the incredible diversity of people who have been establishing themselves there over the past hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years.

One interesting aspect I've been fascinated with recently is wealth across these areas, Shan State (and many others) is going through a lot of change as Myanmar's economy has been rapidly growing over the past decade, with a large chunk of the counties industry being agriculture, farming villages are learning that their extra work is paying off. There are a lot of new houses in these rural towns, and although to you and me, they still are far removed from our image of wealth, this Taung Tu Tribe's village in central Myanmar is a good example of what a more wealthy town in the area looks like.