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Maomao Table Artist
Maomao Table Artist

One thing you notice a lot when traveling in China, interestingly, are premium door advertisement. Literally. Fancy doors. Billboards everywhere. This speaks to the trend of premiumisation you can see all over China. From beer, to holidays, to hair salons. 

This is an incredible opportunity, opening doors (pun totally intended) not just for brands, but also artists. 

This week I met Maomao a young successful artist coming from a family of interior designers who took a different path and is now creating fine art in the form of table decorations. With an impressive resume which includes brands like Mercedes Benz, she has done dozens of pieces this year. Her commentary is often a reflection of cultural intersections or our relationship with our environment. This particular piece, done for naked Retreats called 'nest’ was a statement of our carelessness and wasteful consumption. A thoughtful reminder as China's consumption booms of what is at stake.